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Americans in Canada

Although many people from all around the world immigrate to Canada, perhaps one of the largest numbers is from the United States. The immigrate from the U.S to Canada numbers went up dramatically the last time that there was a significant crash in the Wall Street Stock Market and it would appear that they the numbers are going to increase since it was learned that Donald Trump won the United States Presidential Election. On both of these occasions, the numbers of people asking about migrating from the US to Canada forced the Canadian website for Canadian immigration to close down, at least temporarily.

Fortunately for those that still want to immigrate to Canada, the website soon opened up again. On that website you will learn all about immigration to Canada and it will probably display the Canadian Federal Skilled Trades Class (FSTC) which is a list of different trades which Canada is short of and so would welcome immigrants to apply for. If you qualify and apply for one of these jobs, your chance of acceptance will be higher than if you were applying for some other job. The website will also tell you about, if they do not actually have copies themselves, of similar lists which are provided by each of the 10 Provinces and 3 Territories that make up Canada.

Applying for a job on a provincial list will also give you a better chance of succeeding with your application but in these instances, you will have to work in the province requesting you and will have no choice in which other province you would prefer to work. One other way that makes immigrating to Canada easier is to start with a student Visa and once you are in Canada, apply for a work Visa. If you cannot apply for a student Visa and are not on one of these lists though, it doesn’t mean you won’t be accepted to immigrate, it just means that they may have to ponder over your Visa a little longer and the outcome may be a little more uncertain.

Of course, if you are a United States citizen you can cross into Canada without a Visa but if you do legally you are to apply for a work Visa before you can work there or, if you want to retire there, apply for residency. Many people over the year have already immigrated to Canada and that has made their cities very diverse in their populations with a mix of cultures that seemingly co-operate and are all proud to call themselves Canadian. Even though Canada can be colder in the winter than most immigrants are used to, especially in the north, they all seem to quickly adapt to the colder weather so that they can embrace it like a true Canadian. Because of Canada’s size and its relatively small population, immigration to Canada is probably going to continue for many years to come and so in that time, different skillsets may be needed.